Some browsers include an identifier in the Useragent string which tells us the model of the device that is being used. Below is a list of 49 unique device identifiers collected by WhichBrowser.

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iPad3,1AppleiPad (3rd gen)
iPad3,2AppleiPad (3rd gen)
iPad3,3AppleiPad (3rd gen)
iPad3,4AppleiPad (4th gen)
iPad3,5AppleiPad (4th gen)
iPad3,6AppleiPad (4th gen)
iPad2,1AppleiPad 2
iPad2,2AppleiPad 2
iPad2,3AppleiPad 2
iPad2,4AppleiPad 2
iPad4,1AppleiPad Air
iPad4,2AppleiPad Air
iPad5,3AppleiPad Air 2
iPad5,4AppleiPad Air 2
iPad2,5AppleiPad mini
iPad2,6AppleiPad mini
iPad2,7AppleiPad mini
iPad4,4AppleiPad mini 2
iPad4,5AppleiPad mini 2
iPad4,6AppleiPad mini 2
iPad4,7AppleiPad mini 3
iPhone 3GAppleiPhone 3G
iPhone1,2AppleiPhone 3G
iPhone 3GSAppleiPhone 3GS
iPhone2,1AppleiPhone 3GS
iPhone 4AppleiPhone 4
iPhone3,1AppleiPhone 4
iPhone3,2AppleiPhone 4
iPhone3,3AppleiPhone 4
iPhone 4SAppleiPhone 4S
iPhone4,1AppleiPhone 4S
iPhone 5AppleiPhone 5
iPhone5,1AppleiPhone 5
iPhone5,2AppleiPhone 5
iPhone5,3AppleiPhone 5c
iPhone5,4AppleiPhone 5c
iPhone6,1AppleiPhone 5s
iPhone6,2AppleiPhone 5s
iPhone7,2AppleiPhone 6
iPhone7,1AppleiPhone 6 Plus
iPodAppleiPod touch
iPod touchAppleiPod touch
iPod2,1AppleiPod touch (2nd gen)
iPod3,1AppleiPod touch (3rd gen)
iPod4,1AppleiPod touch (4th gen)
iPod5,1AppleiPod touch (5th gen)